Janaury – What a month!
Can’t believe this month is almost over… and at the same time I can’t wait for it to be over!
The January Conference was GREAT!!! Had so much fun and really, really, really enjoyed my job there!
Can you belive it? A team full of mega creative people, brainstorming, green lighting… and me… 🙂 little miss detailer!
My oh my…
Now I’m back in Giessen… not for too long though!
Yesterday I went shoppping with my mom and I HAVE to tell you that we bought toiletpaper!!!
BUT not just any toiletpaper! Oh no… the one we bought smells like… hm… like Apple and Cinamon… sooooooooooooo nice!
I’m so deeply impressed by my country… so excited that we sell something like this. The only country I could imagine selling apple-cinamon scented toiletpaper would be… probably the states (eventhough… I’ve never been there… so… I can’t tell!!!)
Anyway… will keep you posted on any other highly, exctremly exciting german things!!!

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Anonymous · 08/18/2006 um 02:32

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Heiks · 01/29/2006 um 23:23

thanks my friend!!!
You really made me laugh!
By the way… my mom gave soe of this funky toilet paper also to my nieces and nephew today… (one each of course 🙂 ) and they totally loved it!!! 🙂 My youngest niece couldn’t stop smelling this stuff… her nose and the toilet paper roll were almost glued together!!! 🙂 Sooooooooo much fun!!!
But… well… I think your CK toilet roll idea sounds GREAT!!!!!!!

Felix Chai · 01/27/2006 um 02:40

What an interesting blogs about toilet paper! All we got here in malaysia just plain white & blue color with no scent! So you must be really smell „good“ then with apple & cinamon! (Sorry! Can’t stop laughing!) I guess what i will do is to spread CK perfume on my toilet rolls & let it „smell“! Then i have my own customize CK toilet rolls!(What a great idea huh…)

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