You know what it’s like… this new year thing…
At least to me it happened again!
I simply wasn’t prepared for it! I knew it for at least 364 days. Knew that it would have to happen again!
And then… bum… bang… it’s the 31st! The last day of the year… which means in just a few hours time a new year will start – again!
And there’s always this… hm… what should I call it… feeling of expectancy!
This feeling that something good, something new is going to happen. But also that I should be prepared for it! Ready to move forward with some great (and of course achievable – I’ve learned something on Doulos J) goals!
And again I have failed!
Tick tock… tick tock… – Too late!
Not the 31st any more… a new day’s dawning!
Ok… so… everybody around me is busy anyway… people enjoying the champagne, great fellowship, hugs and blessings from every side…
I walk around, look at the fireworks, try to phone my family! No chance… the ‘net work’ can’t handle this new years eve stuff either! I start to miss Doulos! Miss my friends… people who know me and still like me… people I’m close to… Oh well!
I finally decide to go to my room. No one’s there… the others are still gone… dancing, hanging out in the lounge… eating more food…
And I just feel like… communicating… my fingers are itching!
I just have to sit down! Have to open up my diary and ‘talk’ to God!
Looking back at the year that has just past I see that 2005 was full of amazing things… tons of great stuff, blessings, answers to prayer but also tears, frustrations, hurt and hurting others, things happened I can’t understand… but… somehow… peace!
And slowly I start to look forward to the new year!
Somewhere in the main meeting room I found my verse (glued on to one of the loud speakers). ‘I will bless you, Heike and I’ll make you a blessing to others’ Gen. 12, 2
Hm… well… ooooooook… cool… I’ll be blessed! I like that! But… I’ll be a blessing to others… oh… high expectations! Not sure if I’m enough… If I can rise to this challange! But well… God will do it! Will have to do it…
We shall see!
Katrin is back… She looks at me like ‘Mad girl, everybody is out there celebrating… what are you doing in here???’. Try to explain that I just neeeeeeeeed to write… think she understands! She walks out again and is back 5 minutes later!
I ask her how she is doing… hm… think she’s not too excited about all this fuzz out there either!
So we start to talk…
She’s been to Australia with ‘youth for Christ’ (I think)… we talk about Doulos life and her experiences outside of Germany…
WOW.. it’s 2am! No way!!! Well, it was actually a good evening/morning!
Thanks Lord!
I’m looking forward to whatever else is going to happen…

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Anonymous · 08/17/2006 um 13:56

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Anonymous · 08/12/2006 um 08:30

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Anonymous · 08/08/2006 um 18:04

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Felix Chai · 01/27/2006 um 03:04

Talk about New Year Eve blues… well, my new year eve was kind of busy & running around arranging the party for church peoples. To be honest, I’m not so much of a party person, I prefer a little refections time & stay quiet in a beautiful place where I would just pour out my heart & my mind to my Beloved One! You are a blessing to many Heiks, your news & update from time to time really reminds me that God is still pressing us to go on serving Him no matters what the circumstances might be, He always works best in our circumstances! Let’s look forward for an awesome 2006!

Debbie · 01/12/2006 um 23:15

just wrote a comment and then erased it by accident! gosh… all these key combinations i’m used to from work aren’t the same on the internet…
well, hi heike! 🙂 i was one of those running around, chatting, eating, dancing and enjoying the night… 😉 i really liked „Z“. how about you? did you get inspired?? i did. i already made my first own little video clip! (i had help…) that was great fun and i think I’m gonna do that more often now. i’m excited what God has for me next…
He’s doing so great things in our cellgroup right now! one girl gave her life to Jesus last friday, and we’re all growing closer together and starting to pray together in little groups. exciting!
so you’re back in mosbach! hey, have a good time. and yes, God will bless you and you will be a blessing to others! ain’t that cool!?
have a good time those next few months! God is with you wherever you go!!
love, debs (& i hope i didn’t offend you when i changed seats before the sunday service. that was soo me… sorry!)

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