A while ago I found out that there’s a new John Ortberg book available. And what did dear Heike do??? www.amazon.de 🙂 as helpful as ever! 🙂
‘God is closer than you think’
Hm… well… yeah… ok… if you say so…

Anyway… I started with this book as soon as I got it… but somehow I had to read each page 5x without really getting something out of it…
In general I must say that the last couple of days had been quite rough…
I found it so hard to spend time with God… to concentrate!
Listening to God’s voice??? No chance…
Me telling him all my troubles???… Yeah… pretty much!

But somehow in the morning my focus shifted from all MY worries… to GOD… I really didn’t feel like it… but somehow it came so natural… just to praise HIM!
Later on I went to town… had some appointments and some time in between…
Weird that it’s somehow sometimes easier to focus when there are 100s of people around you…
Today was a bit like this!

Anyway… what I’m actually trying to bring across is something I read in Mr. Ortberg’s book 🙂
He talks about the story of Martha and Mary… Martha working away… doing all the stuff to get the whole house ready for Jesus… and Mary sitting as Jesus’ feet… soaking every word in he speaks… ‘being covered in his dust’ (being so close to Jesus, that she’s covered in his dust)…

‘Martha is certain that after exchanging a few pleasantries with Jesus, Mary will come help her with all the cooking and the cleaning. But Mary doesn’t come. No wonder there was conflict – Martha is trying to get rid of the dust, and Mary is wallowing in it!’

Must say that this last sentence really hit me…
Am I just trying to get rid of the dust…?
Am I too busy to prepare everything for him, that I actually overlook him?
Very busy with the task and totally forgetting why, what and who I’m doing it for?
I would like to say that this must be a personality thing… but is that an excuse? Not really!
He’s here… right now… present in the presence! And I’m mopping the floor, cause there’s some dirt – AGAIN!
Oh my…

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Anonymous · 08/17/2006 um 20:06

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Anonymous · 08/12/2006 um 15:35

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Heiks · 10/23/2005 um 17:04

I got one pella…

sunniva · 10/22/2005 um 01:37

hey heiks!
lukim yu bihain!

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