there we go! My very first try… an attempt to do something creative, interesting, exciting (ok, which other words do I know???). Something people would actually like to read! Hm………..
Well, it’s 11.40pm… pretty much past curfew! Weird that my brain still works 🙂
Every weirder that I still talk about Curfew! I left Doulos 9 months ago… how long does it take till it’s out of your system?
A few days ago I showed my ‚yellow slips‘ to someone ( a X Logos II guy)… he thought it was quite funny that our curfew is at 11pm and thought it was even funnier that all my curfew slips were given to me even before 12…
Someone else (yes, you Miss Jaylene!!!) just looked at my 4 curfew slips and asked if I didn’t get more than that? She has a huuuuuuuuuuge pile!!! 🙂 my word… what did I do wrong???
Maybe I’m just a morning person… hm… well… maybe not… not a night person either… maybe just something in between!
Anyway… it’s for sure bed time for me now! Otherwise you might have to read some more silly stuff…
More is to come!
Good night and welcome to my bloggie thingie… 🙂

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Anonymous · 08/17/2006 um 15:19

Interesting website with a lot of resources and detailed explanations.

Anonymous · 08/12/2006 um 10:05

I like it! Good job. Go on.

Anonymous · 07/22/2006 um 06:39

Your site is on top of my favourites – Great work I like it.

Debs · 12/12/2005 um 18:16

hi heike,
i do not have ONE yellow slip! 🙂 hehe… well, they invented them after I was gone which i find very good. 😉
because I am a night person! see you soon, this is cool – a blog thingie…

Erik H · 11/18/2005 um 22:12

hey hey hey
welcome to the world of blog.

thingie…. so very typical 🙂

Luke · 11/10/2005 um 05:36

heyo heiks!! yeah, welcome to the blog world. I have one as well. I put up a question -thingy at the xdouloi website for people to put their contact/blog addresses, but it is still not many on the list. Erik H. and myself. great to hear from you and I like the b&w picture of yourself. very artistic and you seem to be bella as always. (c: take care and joy!

Jaylene · 10/04/2005 um 18:12

Hey you!
This is rocking! and thanks for revealing to the world the sum of my yellow slips! 🙂 By the way your background color is GREAT!!!

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