Saturday – Off day!!!
Ok… this you HAVE to know… when you are on line up (I’m talking about the avarage line up’s… well… not sure if THIS is an average line up… but anyway!) Saturday is usually your off day!
It’s THE day you might look forward to all week!
Sleeping in, cup of tea in bed, reading good books (Narnia it is for me) maybe a wee bit of shopping and if you are smart you have cleaned the flat already on Friday (one thing less on your (on Saturdays non existing) ‚To do‘ List!)
Nelly and I ARE that smart!
So… that was pretty much my day today!
I did some shopping and even found my way to the Video place… and to the supermarket…

Oh… supermarket… that brings me back to what happend the other day…
Nelly and I are on our way to buy some groceries (we walked, by the way) and this lady walks past me and just smiles like we’ve met before (hey… I JUST moved here!!!).
When we got to the supermarket Nelly and I split up.
I walked past the cheese, fish and meat thingies and right in front of the cereals (I think it was) this guy looks at me.
I don’t know what to do… and kind of stare back at him… he smiles at me… I turn red and have a thorough look at the most intersting pet food you’d ever be able to find on this planet.
When I told this little story to my boss he called me cute! HA!!! I would call it stupidity!!!
Anyway… it’s always nice when people smile at you, isn’t it… I just wonder if I just looked weird or funny or if they actually thought I was THAT nice that they would smile at me!
(I know Jaylene, I should have worn a hoodie… or at least a baseball hat!!! 🙂

Oh… something else happend today!
Nelly made a cake!
‚Russischer Zupfkuchen‘ (Russian Chocolate Cheesecake) it’s called… one of my favourites…
The other times Nelly tried to use the oven this thing just stoped working… well, not just the oven, but all electricity in the flat was GONE!!! Not this time… it worked!!! BIG time!
The cake’s quite dark… actually quite black… 🙂 This oven is just ‚different‘ I suppose?!?!
BUT the cake tasts GREAT! Nelly, you are einfach DER HAMMER!!!

Hm… I also cooked! We had a visitor, Markus, the guy who gave us his washing machine and dryer, came to instal some phones for us. So well, thought I should invite him for lunch. At that time I had NO clue what to make… anyway… we ended up with yummy salad and spaghetti omlette (almost as good as the one you can get in Mosbach!)

Ok… that’s it for today…
PS: The pic. up there… it’s a Bremen sunset… stolen off the internet though

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Anonymous · 08/18/2006 um 06:36

Nice idea with this site its better than most of the rubbish I come across.

felixchai · 03/24/2006 um 08:36

It’s cool to get to know about line-up’s life which most of us ex-douloid will never understand! (It’s interesting to hear that you are all jolly and excited about it! Most of my line-up friends find it tough!) Would love to hear more about your line-up story! Miss you!

Heiks · 03/16/2006 um 16:27

ähm… ich meinte eigentlich… ach… menno… ihr männer, ihr!!! 🙂

Mark · 03/16/2006 um 00:06

Ja schoener Sonnenuntergang.

Heiks · 03/12/2006 um 20:38

🙁 oh… that’s NOT nice!!!
Well… we BOTH cleaned! Nelly a bit more than I (I must admit!)
PS: Das Bild ist ECHT der Hammer!!!

Mark · 03/12/2006 um 15:24

Yes, I’m number one 😀
Nice to hear what you did on Saturday. Who cleaned your flat? Nelly I guess 😛
Have a nice day

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