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hm…. quite interesting… and it really happens… have seen a couple of these groups already!!!!

Now the Northerners and the Southerners don’t always get along well and call each other names: Northerners are frequently called „Fischkopf“, meaning as much as „fish-head“. Another popular word is „Muschelschubser“, meaning as much as „mussle-pusher“. They are a friendly lot, those Bavarians… Now we have a very popular event in north west Germany, which always causes confusion when I mention it to Bavarians (and other „foreigners“). This event is the famous „Kohlfahrt“: „Kohlfahrt“ literally translated means „cabbage-tour“. Doesn’t exactly help you much, does it? So here are some more details:
Kohlfahrten (this is the plural) are only known in north west Germany. If you live around Oldenburg it is almost impossible not to go on one at some stage. Already not far southwest of Bremen some people have never been on a Kohlfahrt, although probably everyone knows what it is. Kohlfahrten usually take place during January and February, preferably on a sunny and cold day. So be prepared if you are ever invited to one… You can only go on a Kohlfahrt if you are invited to one or if you organise one yourself. Usually you go with a group, be it your company or department, be it the football team you’re in or just the people you studied with at university. It’s not like the Octoberfest in Munich, where anybody can just turn up, put on Lederhosen and a silly hat and start drinking lots of beer.
So you’ve been invited to a Kohlfahrt. What happens on it? Kohlfahrten mostly happen over the weekend, usually on a Saturday afternoon. You meet some time early afternoon, say around 2pm. The organiser has a „Bollerwagen“ (hand-cart) full with everything you need for the next few hours: Some Kohl, something to eat and most importantly lots to drink. „Saurer“ and „Plum“, both a type of schnapps popular during these events. You have a drink at every (well, may be not every) corner, bridge or other opportunity. Well prepared you head off for a walk which will last a few hours…
For further information: (in german though)

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Anonymous · 08/18/2006 um 07:56

Your are Nice. And so is your site! Maybe you need some more pictures. Will return in the near future.

Anonymous · 08/13/2006 um 04:37

Nice idea with this site its better than most of the rubbish I come across.

Heiks · 03/02/2006 um 10:37

nope… no Kohlfahrt yet! Might go on one in 2 weeks time though! The guy who lent us our washing machine was quite convincing we should have this experience as well… so… might not do the whole Schnapps bit… but the Kohl & Pinkel bit! 🙂
Let’s see…
Will report on it (if it happens!!!)
PS: True… the smilies ARE qite cool…

Mark · 03/01/2006 um 21:02

Have you been on a Kohlfahrt Heiks?
Luke: I like your smily :o)

Luke · 03/01/2006 um 07:35

oh about being tagged, you just take the questions asked and write your own answers, finishing by tagging 4 more people. (c:
don’t worry about links, I just did it to be ‚fancy‘. heh.

Luke · 03/01/2006 um 07:34

man. sounds so fun! ‚course I can’t imagine it without the thought of people getting totally smashed (drunk) but is that how it happens? apart from getting drunk, it sounds so random and fun. Ah.. Germany, you weird country. (c:

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