Well… it feels like I should write a little update!
It’s been quite a while since I wrote something last!
I must say that I’m quite excited these days… this excitement just bubbles out whenever I think of doing LU again!
Man… I just can’t believe it… I’ll do LU again! Ooooooooooooooooooh…
And… the coolest thing… it’s gonna be Line up for our new ship… the Logos Hope! AND… not just anywhere… no no no… it’s gonna be in Bremen!
The Line up will start in February ’06 and so far it’s Nelly and myself. The might be someone else joining us… will see…
The cool think is that Nelly did LU in Bremen last year already for the Doulos… so she knows her way around and the people and all that… and besides that I’m simply looking forward to do LU with my X Cabinmate! 🙂
Well yeah… oh yeah… these pictures… ahm… on the left you can see Jay and I doing this representing OM Ships stuff and on the right one of the Office kids with a Logos Hope tatoo 🙂
Cool huh?!
Ok… well… gotta go…

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Anonymous · 08/16/2006 um 13:31

Greets to the webmaster of this wonderful site. Keep working. Thank you.

Anonymous · 08/11/2006 um 05:37

Great site lots of usefull infomation here.

Anonymous · 08/09/2006 um 22:48

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Anonymous · 08/05/2006 um 13:19

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Heiks · 11/28/2005 um 19:35

Good question… summer this year I think… the tattos were the coolest thing ever… Eddi even got one on his head… 🙂

Erik H · 11/27/2005 um 23:27

Cool stuff. Yeah LU. When was the pic taken? The flyers look very professional.

Heiks · 11/27/2005 um 16:21

ha… now… that would be nice… but… hm… from what it looks like right now… I’ll be with the LU Team only till summer 06! But in general… man, I would be so excited to come back to the Faroes! You guys are really special!!!:-) Heiks

sunniva · 11/26/2005 um 18:26

Once and OM’er….always and OM’er!!!

Will you come to the Faroe Islands as well to do the LU for Logos Hope??

bless, bless


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